Olympics 2014 – GO CANADA GO!!

As I write Canada has just entered the arena in a sea of red and white, flags waving, iconic mittens held high in pride. It really is amazing watching all these countries come together for such an event as this, bearing in mind all the civil unrest and war raging throughout the world. Russia is having it’s own problems with human rights issues which have grabbed worldwide attention so I can only hope these games are a success for the people who compete for their countries and for the people being represented.

Television programming here in Canada is very emotionally charged when it come to the Olympics; they remind us where our athletes have come from and the people who have supported them. Mothers and fathers patiently and diligently helping and guiding their kids, completely unaware that one day they will represent their countries in one of the biggest sporting events in the world. I will freely admit I get a lump in my throat every time I watch these commercials! I can’t help it and I fully blame my kids for changing my hormones from strong to soppy fool. However it also makes me think of my kids and the possibilities that await them. They are only 6 and 3 but there is so much they can do! The world really is theirs for the taking and I’m determined to make them aware of that so they can enjoy life to it’s fullest.

So for the next 16 days we will watch sons and daughters, mothers and fathers compete against each other for a chance at glory. No matter who wins though there will be families at home who will be so proud to watch and show their support that medal or no medal, there will be winners. Vancouver 2010 was stunning for Canada. Even though I have only officially been Canadian for 3 years, I felt so proud to be a part of the emotion and pride that consumed the country. The London Olympics in 2012 was equally spectacular and I felt very proud of my home country. For Sochi 2014 I will be behind both my countries and wishing them all the success possible.


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