Olympic Gold, in more ways than one!

After telling myself I wasn’t going to watch the Olympics, I have completely and utterly fallen in love with them this year! In the run up to Sochi 2014 there was a lot of negative press surrounding the games and the true meaning of the sport aspect was forgotten. Human rights were being trampled on, riots and protests dominated the subject of the up and coming games and I felt jaded toward watching the games.

That all changed once I started catching glimpses of the medals being won and the pride and joy being felt through the commentators voices on the radio and television. Now I simply can’t get enough of them! I felt so proud of the Dufour-Lapointe sisters, even though I have never met them, simply because they competed with each other and won Gold and Silver for their Country. I have felt proud of Jenny Jones for winning the first ever snowboarding Olympic Medal for Team GB . I have marveled at the way the German Luge team glided into Gold medal position doing a sport that looks so bloody dangerous!

Right now I am watching the Men’s Short Program Figure Skating:  One of the greatest Russian figure skaters, Evengi Plushenko, has withdrawn from the games with a back injury. Not only is his chance at a medal over, his career has also come to an end. Russian friends through Facebook are leaving heartfelt status updates, expressing how much he will be missed. He has put on some amazing shows throughout the years and to see his dignified exit after a long and successful career was sad but at the same time he obviously knew it was time to stop before it was too late. But as one legendary skater bows out, a new skater is breaking records: Yazuru Hanyu, 19 years old,  just received a record breaking score with his flawless performance. Yet as they saying goes “what comes up must come down” and in this case it applied to a US skater.  I watched Jeremy Abbot take a horrific fall, landing on his hip after an attempted triple jump. My heart went out to him and, gasping, I thought, ‘there’s no way he will get up – he must be hurt.’ But he did get up. And he continued his performance. Absolutely amazing.  I watched him glide on the ice, complete his program and gain a decent score. These games are once again showing an amazing spectrum of emotion and we are only 4 days into the games.

Being partly Canadian, my real passion is Hockey and it really is the showstopper in these games. So far Canada is doing very well and I hope they succeed as they have done in the past. They don’t have an easy road though and the fights are looking to be very tough but they are doing their best and I hope it pays off for them. I’m sure Canada is going to come to a complete stand still if and when they make it to the finals. (Which they will. I’m sure!)

No matter which country you are behind it’s the athletes and the coaches themselves who are the stars. All other political issues fall at the wayside; we have watched people come together to show support for each other no matter who they are. It’s so blooming heart-warming! Imagine if the world operated as a whole the way countries to during the Olympics! So much would be accomplished. At least that is what it looks like on paper; I have no idea what life is like behind the scenes – it could be complete crap-shoot for all I know! Either way, Sochi is proving to be a success, so far, and long may that last.


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