Good Heavens; is that sunshine?!

Yes, for the first time in over 3 months, I can open my windows and actually enjoy the beautiful, spring-smelling air that drifts into my home. It really is a wonderful thing! Now, as I sit in my kitchen, Jazz FM playing softly in the background, all is quiet in the house again. March break (half term as it is known in the UK) is now over and the house suddenly feels empty, although my soon-to-be-three-year-old is next door watching Toopy and Binoo, laughing hysterically at their antics!  When I opened the window I heard birds chirping away and it is a sound I missed heavily during the cold winter months. This morning my son also heard the birds and listened with fascination at the happy sound. It was as if he had never heard birds singing before. When I came home from dropping my daughter off at school I felt happy and energized and ready to clean a house that had previously been victim to two whirlwinds of mess and chaos. We had a science themed week and the kids learned that water could bend, we made volcanoes, sun-catchers and Borax crystals. Our absolutely favourite was Magic Mud, or Oobleck. My daughter thought it was the best ever invention whereas my son was quite disgusted with it and wanted his hands washed every 2 minutes (which is odd to me because I always assumed boys loved anything sticky and dirty?) Everyday was something new and I had a blast doing the ‘sperriments’ with them. After my husband finished work, he then took over so I could collapse in a heap somewhere, anywhere in the house. It worked out quite nicely.

Here are a few pictures of the adventures;


Spring officially begins March 20th and it really will be most welcome after the winter we’ve had. Although the snow is not over yet there is still some comfort to know there is now a definite light at the end of the tunnel and the weather will get warmer and the snow will melt. I’ve noticed many magazines are now all exclaiming about spring cleaning, de-cluttering and making yourself feel fresh and renewed. I loves a good de-clutter session! It took a few years to be able to do it though as I was a bit of a hoarder in my younger days but thankfully my husband coached me out of that and now I am ruthless when it comes to organizing and cleaning.

My husband bought me a book a few years ago which I read every year or so, mainly because it is that good. It’s called ‘The Happiness Project‘ by Gretchen Ruben (her website can be found here.) I loved the simplicity of everything she wrote about and how easy her methods could be incorporated. She didn’t just write about cleaning up your home; she wrote about love, marriage, family, work and health. Her research is quite extensive and little nuggets of information are scattered throughout. I highly recommend reading it if you want something a little more in depth. She also has a follow up book entitled ‘Happier at Home’ and she is currently writing a book on habits, or why we make and break them.

For now, I will tackle The Spring Clean. Children will forever confound me with their natural ability to make mess in a very short space of time. A particular favourite of mine are the landmines they leave right by the front door – coats, snow-pants, boots and book-bags – perfectly discarded in the right place so I cascade over them while attempting to bring in the shopping. Before you ask, yes, I have asked them to hang up their stuff on the hooks we put in specially to combat this habit, but to no avail. I’m told that may happen later on. In the meantime I will summon my courage and ambition to get this house back to a form of normal, one where if we had a friend suddenly drop by I would not go into a panic. I will begin my Spring Clean with utter ruthlessness, determination and a few glasses of wine later on in the evening to bolster my enthusiasm for the job.

Here’s to Spring Cleaning! Here’s to Spring!


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