Happy Spring! Now get out the snow shovel…

Seriously?! Do you know what I did this afternoon? I spent an hour chipping away at an ice block that had frozen my garden gate shut.  A block that was about 12 inches thick and about two feet long. Ridiculous. Once in, to my utter dismay, I discovered a raccoon had started rolling back my lawn, AGAIN! My beautiful new sod, laid in July last year to replace the mud pit we had inherited upon moving, was destroyed by the disgusting vermin just before the freeze set in in December, apparently searching for tasty grubs. I’ve never hated an animal quite so much! I am seriously considering getting my Trappers license so I could ‘deal’ with the problem…

Yesterday saw the first day of Spring and it was cold, sleety and miserable. Today, BEAUTIFUL sunshine, warm sunshine, happy sunshine! Then I stupidly went and listened to the news as I was making my son his lunch and heard the words ‘snow’, ’15cm’, and ‘freezing rain’. All that is coming tomorrow. And there I was thinking I had finally put my snow shovel away for the last time. Silly, silly woman. The last time it snowed (last week) my kids got so upset! I suggested making a snowman and neither of them wanted anything to do with it. My son stamped his foot and said “NO! I NO LIKE SNOW!” We all agreed with him and stayed inside for the day.

I guess the looming snow-spoiled weekend will be a chance to continue my garage over-haul. Spring cleaning in effect! I managed to get rid of three boxes that have sat in a spider/cricket/ant graveyard corner for 2 years so I figured whatever was inside couldn’t be that important. Turns out there were a few photo albums of my husband in his childhood that were put together by his Mum. The kids got a right laugh out of seeing their dad with a gap-tooth smile, playing in sand or in a tree-house. It’s funny how children find the idea of their parents being children once so amusing! I showed a photograph of a 6 month old me with my Dad, their grandpa, to my daughter and she thought it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen. “You look silly!” she giggled.  She did have a point though…


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