Happy New Year, and all that…

2015, eh? I always get a bit nervous at the start of a new year. There is so much that can or doesn’t happen, just waiting to, well, happen! As you go through a year you get used to a bustle of life and everyday is all part of the same package, but at the start of a new year there is a certain feeling of, ‘right, let’s get started. Again.’ I look at the year and think will there be happiness, sadness, grief, joy? Of course there will but we don’t know in what amounts and that, to me, is a little scary! Some people will already be going through their own tests so a new year might not matter either way on how their lives are effected but I have a very regular, routine infused life; two small kids and a regular job will do that.

I do know a few things that will happen this year which aren’t worth looking forward to – it involves my husband’s career, and my career, and it’s a very unstable and daunting prospect, one I can’t go into (sorry) but it looks like it’s a make or break situation. We have been here before, twice in fact, and I have to say it’s getting a bit boring! But you know what they say; ‘if you want something done, do it yourself!’

As for family my little sproglets are ever-growing and this year will see my youngest start junior kindergarten. Although that won’t happen until September I get to enroll him in February which is daunting! I’ve had at least one little firecracker at home with me for the past 7 years so the idea of being alone again, if only for a short chunk of time, is both joyful and upsetting!

I don’t do the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ bulls**t! I don’t make resolutions or false promises to myself – I’ve learnt I am my worst enemy. However I do try to actively take stock of myself and I try to remember to be a little calmer, a little more patient and a lot more encouraging. I think I am too hard on my kids so I’m actively trying to take a step back instead of lashing out. I always flirt with the idea of being more active but I am so lazy it’s a joke sometimes! With shows like ‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘Scorpion’ and ‘Bones’ on it’s a little difficult to jump from putting kids to bed to a workout instead of collapsing on the sofa to be mentally whisked away for a few hours! I am also very hard on myself, something that drives my husband to distraction. I prefer to adopt the ‘glass-half-empty’ attitude towards myself and it’s another item that needs work but it won’t happen in just one year.

There is a positive in a new year which I do really enjoy – a new year means a house cleanse and reorganization! It might just be something I feel but I love the idea of purging the house of a years worth of junk! I read a wonderful book by Gretchen Rubin called The Happiness Project and she got me thinking on how much better organized a household can be. With two small-ish kids in the house clutter just appears and if it’s not tackled quickly it will get out of control so I like to do mad days of mass cleaning and putting things to recycling. Nothing is safe when I’m on a cleaning bender! With the cold weather it makes the perfect time to do it as everyone is stuck indoors and family sometimes make (un)willing helpers.

Right, well that’s the first blog of 2015 written! Hurrah! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.  Be kind to yourself and don’t go through a crazy new routine that will be forgotten in a month – be realistic and work steadily. You might surprise yourself.

Cheers to 12 months of new adventures!


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