Cleaning House; let’s start small.

The holidays are officially over and this morning I was back to the routine of getting children ready for school, making a packed lunch and ensuring all forms of winter wear were at the ready. It is bitterly cold (-23) with a wind that rips right through you so there won’t be any outside adventures today. Needless to say that doesn’t mean a non-productive day, oh no! It’s a perfect day for getting stuff in the house done. With one kid in school I feel I can get on top of the housework and start regaining the house after two weeks of little Tasmanian mess devils running around.

As I mentioned in my New Year’s post I like to use the winter months as a good way to kick-start a house cleanse and declutter. Winter lasts roughly 5-6 months here in Toronto which means I get to pace myself nicely and although I wish I was more organized I am not one for drawing out plans and lists of how to go about the house cleanse; I like to just see which room irritates me the most on any given day and today it was the stairs and hallway.

I have hardwood throughout 90% of my house and coming from the UK where everything is carpeted I actually find it harder to keep wood clean than carpet. I’ve had many a discussion with my in-laws and my husband about this! Hoovering (vacuuming) a carpet to me is much easier than sweeping and sweeping and still not getting all the dust. Or worse, getting that stupid dust line from the dustpan that simply will not sweep up! Anyway, this morning was spent sweeping all corridors and down the stairs; high traffic areas that have lots of nooks and crannies for dust bunnies to hide in. It took me probably 15 minutes but I swept up enough to make me feel good about doing it.

Now I am drinking tea while blogging and thinking about the next mission. I am a procrastinator and I’m not afraid to tell you! However when I get on a cleaning bender it feels really good. If you are like me and you’re not someone who cleans everyday, no worries. Start small and see where that takes you.  Look around and see if there are areas that bug you, even if it’s only a little bit. Look at high traffic areas, classic dumping grounds and hidden dump drawers. There can be times where, even if things are stored in a drawer, you know that draw is a mess and believe it or not it bugs you! If you look at it and think, ‘I know there’s junk in there but I don’t want to go near it!’ then ask yourself these questions: when was the last time you opened that drawer? Do you know what is in that drawer? If the answer is ‘I don’t know’ then it’s probably safe to say a vast majority of items could go into trash or recycling. I’ve found the best way to kick start the clean-up is to buy a drawer organizer. You can find them from dollar stores or IKEA and if you have one then it means you can make peace out of chaos!

Start by putting things into 3 piles – one for definite trash and recycling, one for certain keep and the last is the unsure pile. Once you’ve gone through the drawer once, go back through the unsure pile again and see if those items are seriously worth keeping or not. Can you honestly say they will be used? No? Throw it out! Trust me, once it’s done and the draw is organized you will never look at it again with hate. You might even be proud and consider showing it off to friends and family.

Right, enough sitting. Time to do more cleaning! Remember, if you know you hate cleaning but want to make a difference then start small. One thing at a time and all the little things will add up to a big difference and a happier you.

P.S: if you need inspiration look to things like Pintrest. There are some great ideas you can adapt and use to your advantage.


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