“Spring?” she asked nervously, “Are you there?”

Happy belated Easter! Although we didn’t get a white Christmas we got the next ‘best’ thing; a white Easter! Seriously, what’s up with that?!

Anyhoo, since my last post I’ve had such a wonderful response from people all over the place; family and friends have come forward and told me their struggles and their fights with all the different forms of depression ranging from mild to bipolar. Some stories have been sad, others have been uplifting but the one thing that I noticed was how many people depression can effect and the different versions it takes on. Through all the stories and advice I’ve heard I’ve come to realize how lucky I am to be able to fight this in the way I can – I don’t need medical intervention and I can freely talk about how I feel; I have family members who don’t have that luxury. For all those who reached out to me, Thank you. I really appreciate hearing from you and getting support from your thoughts and kind words.

Now, onto other things! Spring apparently arrived sometime in March but I don’t think Ontario got the message. As I said, we had a white Easter however, thankfully, it’s all gone now. I want the warmth to come back, I NEED it to come back. I have so much I want to do! I have IKEA bookcases I want to paint, I have a work desk I want to build and I have a house that needs to be aired out and re-organized. We’ve spend 4 months inside, windows firmly closed and it’s time to get some fresh air in this place! I also have a garden that I love pottering about in. I want to get dirt under my nails again, I want to smell that sweet scent of fresh cut grass while I listen to the beautiful squeals of my happy kids as they play in the paddling pool or draw with chalk on the fence. I want to see green, not brown and white as I sit outside on my porch and write my stories. If I can open windows and get outside, I will feel happy. Right now I’m in a good space but being outside takes on a new way of life and I can’t wait to feel that again, both for myself and my family.



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