Feeling at Peace after a long winter

The beginning of Spring! Although no color is visible as yet, the sunshine makes up for it!
The beginning of Spring! Although no color is visible as yet, the sunshine makes up for it as we check on our buds and bulbs.

Let me paint the picture for you: I’m sitting on my porch looking out onto my street. I live at the top of the street which is a dead end so my kids can play about and I don’t have to worry about cars being too much of a danger. The sky is blue, the sun is shining down on us making us warm and happy. Next to me, my neighbors are tending their front garden while a stereo plays songs from the past (BOOM 97.3 – it’s fantastic!). Birds are chirping in the surrounding trees, kids are playing, people are out doing things they’ve been meaning to do for a while but the cold weather stopped them. A fresh breeze drifts past lifting the warmth for a brief moment before wandering away. The grass is just beginning to wake up from its winter slumber, tulips are storming through soil along with crocuses and daffodils and tress are beginning to hint they might be thinking about popping leaves on their branches. It’s Spring. Finally, it’s here and it feels wonderful!

Having spent a very long winter indoors, this feels like absolute heaven! A Cardinal is proudly chirping his beautiful song loud and clear for all to hear while Wrens hop from branch to branch chatting noisily to each other. If there is one thing I miss greatly during the cold months of winter, it’s the sound of birds echoing through the air. Along with the unforgiving cold and snow, the silence that blankets the street here is also sad but now we have a cacophony of various songs rippling through the air as birds call out to each other and bring life to the city.  Another sign of Spring here in Toronto; For Sale signs! They are popping up all over the place around our area and it is already proving to be a hot market once again. For example, a house on our street recently sold for a cool $1 million!

Soon I will begin my own projects and I’m very excited abut them. I hope I’ve not imagined myself as being more able to do things than I’m actually capable of doing but time will tell. A few things I’m going to do are:

  • paint all my dark IKEA Billy bookcases white
  • Paint a desk that recently went into my daughters room. It belonged to her great-aunt which she was going to throw out but my daughter has inherited my love of all things stationery so she adores the desk, even if it is old and vintage looking.
  • Turn my daughters old crib into a bench – I can’t bring myself to get rid of it so I’m going to, what’s the word…up-cycle?
  • Build myself a work table! Yes, I have absolutely no woodworking skills at all but I’ve watched enough YouTube videos to have an idea of what I need to do in order to build something very simple.

It’s a small list but it will keep me busy over the course of the summer I think. Sitting out here in the warm sun I actually feel like I really will be able to get out and do these things. For a long time they have just been fun ideas that would one day get done but now it’s more of a ‘is the weather good enough this weekend?’ kinda thing.

The important emotion I feel right now is positivity. I have missed feeling positive about life and the future and when it’s cold and dull and grey I loose sight of things to look forward to because the long dark days simply drag on with no end in sight. All of a sudden the temperature warms, the snow melts and the warm sun comes out and life is good again. What a glorious relief.


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