The Witcher 3 and Gretchen Rubin

‘Excuse me?’ I hear you say and I don’t blame you. Let me explain:

Witcher 3 – A video game based on the very successful book series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The game is the third and final video game in the series and the first played by my husband. He had been looking for a new game to help divert his mind from the trials and tribulations of starting up a business and he found it in ‘The witcher 3; Wild Hunt.’ I have never really paid much attention to video games but I have to say this one is fantastic! The storylines are rich, the graphics are stunning and the detail is mind boggling. When a new game is released at a cost of well over $50 I can not justify the price for what you get, however with this game you really feel you get what you pay for in a positive sense. I can’t imagine the hours of designing and coding that must have gone on to make this game; there are side quest galore along with various different paths you can choose as you play the lead witcher, Geralt of Rivia. I can’t say I have any idea of the storyline but from what I’ve seen so far I am so hooked I ordered three translated paperback books from Amazon today just so I could get a sense of the original story. Apparently not all the stories have been translated yet but I’m hoping that will change.

While my husband spends his evening hours, and I mean HOURS, questing through various regions trying to piece together an intricately woven story, I watch from the sideline (“the witcher-watcher”) while reading my newest book by Gretchen Rubin: ‘Better Than Before’. Having just started it I can’t tell you much but having read her Happiness Project 1 & 2 I imagine I will enjoy this latest book. Previous to that I was reading ‘The Custodian of Paradise’ by Wayne Johnston which was a beautiful story set in St. Johns, Canada, during the last years of World War II. Worth a look if you’re needing something new to read.

You may be reading this and thinking, ‘what on earth is she writing this for?!’ My point: this is how my marriage works! I have never, and would never, begrudge my husband for his video gaming. We have it all worked out; he is occupied for a while giving me plenty of downtime to blog, craft or bake however he prefers it if I sit near him and read while he ‘quests’. We understand each others hobbies and respect that and it means there is no upset between us. Now I will say my hubby isn’t the sort to be lost every non-working hour of the day – he has his limits and he is responsible enough to know the difference between work and downtime! I am not the type of wife who will get pissed off if he’s not paying attention to me or not helping out with the kids (who are currently trying to ‘help’ him in the game by telling him who’s head to cut off at which point he saves and shuts the game off!) What we have, works. I know some couples who wouldn’t survive with this arrangement; wives not wanting anything to do with any hobby and then slagging the poor guy off for not paying them any attention. (BTW, slagging off means talking crap behind someone’s back!) I’ve met a quite a few people, especially during my days as a server, who when in the company of friends started berating their other halves for their hobbies, both husbands and wives, and to me it’s a little sad. Having your own ‘thing’ is important and it’s even more important to respect and accept your spouse’s hobbies…unless, of course, it’s an all consuming hobby that financially cripples you…in which case, seek help!


Humor from two sides

I’m not that old, really, but I have to say I’m having a wonderful time watching TV shows from the 80’s. I recently subscribed to Shomi (Netflix wannabe) and they have so many shows from the glory days of my childhood. I’ve been watching shows such as ‘Inspector Gadget’, ‘M.A.S.K’ and ‘Cops’ to name a few cartoons but there are also comedy shows such as ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’ (Stephen fry and Hugh Laurie) which has me in stitches. It’s wonderfully British in that it’s very politically incorrect and the humor is plain stupid at times. My Canadian husband occasionally smiles and semi laughs but he doesn’t find it as funny as I do, but he knows that and has admitted he doesn’t find the show as funny as I do which proves British humor is in a league of its own.

My husband loves shows like ‘Trailer Park Boys’, ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ to name a few and the antics will have him rolling on the floor laughing while I sit on the sofa with a raised eyebrow attempting to see where the humor is coming from, without success. I find the ‘jokes’ just too cringeworthy to find funny as they usually involve people putting themselves into stupid situations – for example, ‘Jackass’ had me feeling so uncomfortable I had to leave the room! To me embarrassment isn’t funny but my husband argues differently so we have agreed to just accept each others tastes and be done with it. We do agree on one thing though: the UK version of ‘The Office’ is just too much! Ricky Gervais…wow! The US version, much better – Steve Carell is fabulous.

British humor can be stupid with plenty of good old fashioned potty humor which apparently appeals greatly to the British population.  Just look at shows like Monty Python, Mr Bean, Fawlty Towers and the more recent Mrs. Browns Boys; pure slapstick humor, oodles of deadpan delivery and quite a lot of self-depreciation. No subject is safe from some form of ridicule and there are times when you wince just a little while laughing followed quickly by a brief moment of guilt before brushing it off and enjoying more. And let’s not forget Satire; we love to take the utter piss out of the establishment and authority. What I also enjoy with British humor, stand up in particular, is the lack of swearing – I find a lot of stand up comedians rely on telling a story with every other word being f**k which gets a little boring after about 5 minutes! Using it sparsely makes a punchline work and the best guys know exactly when to use it.

British humor is ridiculous, something that apparently isn’t all that funny this side of the Atlantic. I was trying to explain to a Canadian friend of mine a skit I love, performed by a personal favorite of mine, Michael Mcintyre, which involved him explaining that ‘Posh’ people have a variety of words for the term ‘drunk’ and you can use any word possible and it will work – “I got UTTERLY trousered last night!” When I watched the skit originally I was in tears…I was given a complimentary laugh but I knew the story had dived! Clearly the humor gap was just too large.

Whenever I feel homesick all I do is get on the glorious YouTube and search for humor, proper British humor, and laugh without guilt! I laugh at jokes containing the exciting life of spices or posh ways to say drunk. I walk out watching someone pretending to be a grandpa and pooping in a restaurant. And yes, I will always laugh at farting. sorry, not sorry!