Brave New World

Today my kids joined the hundreds of others beginning their new school year as the summer vacation officially came to a close and the weekly school routine began once again. This time, though, there was a difference; my son began Kindergarten and with him now in school too, I am now left alone during the day.

As I had suspected my son did not go willingly to his class and to be honest, I couldn’t blame him! He was fine up until he had to line up to go into class but then one little girl started balling her eyes out which prompted another little boy to do the same and before we knew it, panic and chaos set in and my son joined the others in a desperate struggle to hang onto Mummy for dear life and plead to her for sanctuary! I got him into the class and to the mat where all the kids had to sit but he wasn’t having any of it. Unfortunately an extraction was in order and as a teacher’s assistant bravely took on my wriggling, screaming son with a vice-like grip, she held onto him as I turned my back and strode out of the classroom. As I walked I could hear my son screaming “I WANT MY MUMMY!” and I’ll admit I felt like such an asshole walking away from him, but I had to do it. Something inside me felt like he was being torn away from me but at the same time I knew in a few days or weeks (please, dear God, not months) he would find his groove and feel at peace with his new way of life.

I can totally understand why he felt so scared – there was pure chaos! First day of school is absolute pandemonium as teachers try to identify their students and parents try to find their child’s class and there’s non stop gabbling and people EVERYWHERE! Noise and hustle and bustle; I felt intimidated and I’m a veteran schoolmum! ┬áMy daughter started Grade 2 and she also looked a little overwhelmed but God bless her she put on a brave face and accepted her new fate! It will take a few weeks but we will find our way.

Now I sit in an eerily quiet house after two months of having my two babies close by and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. For 7 years I have had someone small at home with me and at 9am this morning that ended forever. No more little guy to keep me company as we go grocery shopping or watch kids shows together while his sister was at school. Although my son won’t think this he is actually very ready to start school – without his sister to keep him company he is bored out of his nut so Kindergarten is going to be good for him. Another plus to having both kids in school: a cleaner home! Today I was able to make beds and clean up without having to worry that it would all be destroyed 15 mins later.

For now I will try to keep myself occupied so I don’t look at the clock every 5 minutes, counting down the time until I get to walk down the hill and collect my two wonderful kids and hug them tight and tell them I missed them.


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