10 Weeks to Go? Better Get Prepared!

That’s right – there are only 10 weeks left until Christmas, 11 weeks left of 2015!

What is it about the last 4 months that makes them fly by unbelievably fast? Every year the days seem to go by quicker and this year, with both kids now in school, the days seem to be going by even faster than before. When I looked at my calendar over the weekend I decided to count the weeks leading up to Christmas and I was stunned to learn how little time is left before we see yet another year finish and a new one begin.

Getting the kids class Trick or Treat bags ready!
Getting the kids class Trick or Treat bags ready!

This weekend here in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving and for me this is the start of the holiday season – magazines start issuing their holiday editions which usually combine American Thanksgiving and Christmas, the stores are already displaying a few Christmas themed items and the Sears Wish Book is also out, something my kids get very excited about! As an organizer/planner enthusiast October is also a time to start the gentle plan for the season so I am able to stay on top of all the things that need doing leading up to the big festivities. For example I have already started my Mother Christmas duties and I’m rather excited about this year’s stockings! The date has been set for making the family Christmas cake (a Nigella Lawson recipe which is AMAZING!) and this weekend we also got the family gathering dates set so we all know who we are visiting and when.

Being prepared lowers my anxiety!
Being prepared lowers my anxiety!

As far as I am concerned you can never be too prepared for this time of year – you never know what fun spanners could go flying into your well laid plans. For example, last year, our entire family came down with some form of dreadful lergy, probably brought home from school, and semi-ruined the festivities by rendering most people slightly useless! My poor husband who is normally the heart and soul of Christmas could barely move off the sofa. This year we have all sworn to religiously take our vitamins and infuse our systems with Cold-FX – no sickness here this year!

Having begun my gift search I found Ebay to be an eye-opener for stocking stuffers, hotly followed by a favourite site of mine, Etsy; lots of handmade lovelies to be found there. I’m also going to visit the wonderfully eclectic Queen Street West here in Toronto as there is always a fun shop to find unusual and silly gifts. For the female side of the family everyone adores Lush – my towel closet always smells so wonderful when I have a few bath bombs squirreled away in there! For the guys, if you want to find something really cool, I recommend looking over the goods on Uncrate –  their stuff is amazing and I have my eye on the Tempescope Ambient Weather Maker…..

I know being this prepared isn’t for everyone but for me it helps lower my anxiety and gives me a boost of excitement when the cold and dreary Canadian weather strikes. It also gives me an excuse to troll through fun websites while I sit in my office!


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