My Rule of Three

The plans ahead for 2016!
The plans ahead for 2016!

My first post of the new year! The beginning of a new year always fills me with mixed emotions; excitement, wonder, apprehension and determination. I am not one of those people who make resolutions simply because I know myself too well to know I am not going to keep them! Instead I have adopted a system which makes the whole year count as the time to make changes.

January is a crappy month (sorry Mum!) and there seems to be this ridiculous need for the world populous to suddenly decide they need to be better than before but we all know it never lasts. My husband dreads the new year for the simple fact he can’t enjoy being in the gym! The awful ‘New Year, New ME!’ crowd floods in thinking they are going to mould their bodies into buff, muscular temples to which ladies will swoon and men will drool over. Yeah…no!  Give it until February and the gym is once again quiet and hubby can go on with his powerlifting regime like a true champ (he’s closing in on a 600lb deadlift goal!)

Rule of Three2
A sample of my ‘Rule of Three’ page. As you can see October wasn’t very successful but that’s fine!

Last year I started my ‘Rule of Three’ system in which I take a moment at the start of the month to think about what I would like to accomplish and I list three things I think I could actually get done during the month. I don’t hold myself strictly to these goals because I can’t stand making myself feel guilty over such small intentions however if I do get them completed I feel very happy and congratulate myself on my small accomplishment. I make a point of not paying attention to the pressure of making the new year ‘The Year of Change’! I wait until February to really get into whatever plans I have made and I use January to have a really good think about things I would like to do, see or achieve before writing it all down in one long list. After making the list I then have ideas to use towards my Rule of Three goals for each month. Some of my goals have been carried over from 2015 because I need it to be warmer outside – you can’t paint a desk in a garage registering -10 degrees!

If you are looking for a new way to get through some goals, why not give my idea a go? Don’t commit to a mountain of over-thought plans and dreams but instead try for smaller more achievable goals that can be done throughout the year. Make it more than just about you – include your surroundings, your home, your kids and family. Don’t get me wrong; it’s good to have big dreams but ensure you make the path towards them realistic!

Here’s wishing you success in your quests throughout 2016!


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